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3 May 2022
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10 May 2022
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Meals On Wheels
If you are changing your date please advise John Block, who will advise Age Concern.
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April 6, 2021
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Last week or last year 
A good number of members, partners and friends turned up ( including Carole Buckley, Erin Hogan, Trevor and Jenny Flack and Stewart Hewson's family) for a good Christmas night meal.  A very interesting address by our guest speaker Ron Palenski speaking about his reporting of and interaction with The All Blacks and Olympic teams over the years but also promoting his new bo0k "Brutal" His name comes from his father who was German /Polish, his mother Scottish.  Ron brought up in Dunedin started his journalistic career with The Evening Star. Then worked with the NZ Press Association going to the Helsinki Olympics and then representing the Assn on the Parliamentary Press Corp.  It was suggested he should be a rugby writer and even pushed into coaching the All Blacks by Eric Watson for an hour or two!  He attended four Olympic Games and four Commonwealth Games. In recent years he has been ghost writer for various sports people. and in total has written fifty books.    
He also mentioned the NZ Sports Hall of Fame which he set up in 1990 travelling to see sports people and acquire memorabilia.  He hopes with the $500,000 from Eion Edgars family that the Hall will remain in Dunedin. 
The Ron Esplin painting
It was auctioned at the Christmas night with Stephen Johnston predominantly bidding against wife Jacqui with the final bid being $600, the proceeds going into the Charitable Trust Account.
Informal Meeting at Wong Gok. 
We had 15 members and partners there for a very successful meeting and an excellent chinese banquet.  
This week
Associate Professor Ben Wheeler University of Otago talk on Moving towards an artificial pancreas for children with Type 1 diabetes.
February 1
Club Night  
Thieves Alley. 
Reported in the ODT that this event has been Postponed/cancelled.  This will reduce the stress on our organiser Grant, but will mean that this fundraising project will not assist our Charitable Trust fundraising this year. So the Firewood project becomes more important 
Firewood Project 
Weather permitting it will recommence this Saturday 22 January from about 9.30am Take the turn into Gladstone Road at the Z service station by the railway line then head south.125 Gladstone Road entrance is at the white pickets with the Liberton Sign. Left at the first fork and then right at the 125 Chapman sign. Drive past the house and park around the side. Then walk past the white outside table and down to the trees.
Meals on wheels.
We have received the following message from Age Concern
"I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break. Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to Meals on Wheels. I appreciate the time and effort that goes in to the roster preparation and the volunteer commitments made. I trust that this is done with regards to ensuring our most vulnerable receive their daily hot meal and interaction with a friendly face.
Whilst I accept this is at times difficult for drivers and runners who have busy lives to commit to, and of course the price of fuel is rising.
In the last couple of months there have been several runs not delivered. These have been sadly, Rotary Runs ( not necessarily Dunedin Harbour). When a run is missed and I am unaware, the deliveries obviously are not made. This means that often between 5-9 meals on average are not given to those who need them and the meals have to be disposed of. There are clear Health and Safety Guidelines about the length of time a meal has to be delivered within.
I usually attempt to contact drivers for the day from 8:30am and like to have all confirmed by 9:30am at the latest. That way if I do have to arrange other cover I still have time to do that before people get on with their day. By 10am, if I haven’t had confirmation I will contact the Rotary convenor. Lately, I have been experiencing difficulty getting any reply from those rostered on and usually spend until 10am trying several times and methods.
If that is unsuccessful, I need to then order a taxi at times to fill the run. This has an average cost to Age Concern of approximately $80 per run. We are obligated under a contract to deliver the meals, and we are a charity so a regular fee such as this is concerning.
Please if there are problems let me know, I really do appreciate your support. My DDI is 03 479 3055 and the MOW Cellphone is 020 401 33644"
Meals on Wheels Changes to Roster
Age Concern has advised that to avoid any confusion, if you are changing,  please advise John Block 
who will advise them. 021 02317931 or 
Please remember to swap if you are unable to make the meeting. Thought of the Weeker brings the wine for Heads and Tails
Thought of the week from Pete Smith
If the story was told with Three Wise Women, they would have asked for directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, brought practical gifts, cleaned the stable, made dinner and there would still be time for Peace on Earth.  
Rotary Club of Dunedin Harbour , University Staff Club, Dunedin,    
5.30 for 6.00pm. Tuesday .
Apologies to Markhams Clarke Craw by noon on prior Monday
Phone 477-0032