Tuesday 21 June 2022
5 July 2022
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Tiffen, Annette
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Smith, Peter
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McDougall, Russell
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McDougall, Russell
12 July 2022
Club Gear and Attendance
Smith, Peter
Speaker Hosp/Intro & Vote of Thanks
Rozecki-Pollard, Polly
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McLean, Grant
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Muir, Ashley
19 July 2022
Club Gear and Attendance
Verhoef, Greg
Speaker Hosp/Intro & Vote of Thanks
Smith, Peter
Thought & Wine of the Week
Muir, Ashley
What's Up
Johnston, Stephen
Meals On Wheels
If you are changing your date please advise John Block, who will advise Age Concern.
Friday 1 July 
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Join Date
Jeff Irving
July 1, 2016
6 years
Janet Hewson
July 22, 2002
20 years
Greg Verhoef
July 31, 2020
2 years
Stuart Hewson
July 31, 2020
2 years
Last week
17 members plus John Barsby   
THIS WEEKS MEETING  Tuesday 21 June 
Janet Young and Hamish Cameron from the DCC talking on Cycling, traffic flows and pedestrians 
Changeover night Tuesday 28 June 
This will be a partners night.  We need to give The Staff Club early advice of numbers.  Please let Annette know how many you will have coming and advise her if you are not coming by Wed 23rd June,  This will reduce the need for phone calls!! 
Last weeks meeting  
Les has been scheduling speakers who subsequently have to go into isolation- so we just had a club meeting.
  • Pres Phil reckoned he missed out on a What's Up so advised us he was now back walking.  Jeannette is well which is good as they have now acquired an active cat Chi Chi who replaces an old cat which died.  Found the process interesting with SPCA as he had to fill in a questionnaire and have an exam to ensure he was a good person.
  • Jenness had tried to visit Antony Wood but found him out but left some goodies in the letterbox
  • Pres Phil mentioned that the Rotary District Conference for the new South Island District will be held in Oamaru next March 
  • Rotary regionalisation.  Bruce Cowan will speak to us in August about the possiblity of Rotary being split into regions around the world.  Suggested we invite Dunedin Central who meet on  Tuesday nights  to the meeting to reduce the number of Clubs Bruce would need to speak to.   
  • Lloyd spoke about the need to attract new members.  He reminded members that we had to ensure that any new members were well looked after.  He also said that we need to be prepared if we are asked "what Rotary is"- not good enough to say we meet weekly.
  • Janet mentioned that Age Concern asking people to be aware of the issue of the elderly being scammed by friends and family members.  If you are aware of an issue Age Concern will investigate. 
  • To fill in the time David Goodchild spoke about a visit in 2019 to the One Billion GBP new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London   
RSA Choir Vocal Scholars Concert for Matariki Day 
Pres Phil advises that as we have sponsored the three scholars who will be singing at this concert we have been offered complimentary tickets. If you wish to take up this get in touch with Phil as soon as possible, 
The Concert will be at St Patricks Church, Macandrew Road 3pm Friday 24 June.  $20 cash if you do not take up the above offer.  
Club Facebook page 
Janet recommends logging on to the club page at,  and give it a "like"
What's Up
Jeff said he has been visiting Wanaka recently to meet up with Sue and on one trip did a hike up to the Harris saddle on the Routeburn Track  An 8-9 tramp which Sue did comfortably but leaving Jeff shattered. 
Has recently done the Keplers Track 32 years after his first trip.  This time he used the Milton Rotary Club organised trip which he found was excellent and well organised (confirms what Les and the Bulletin Editor have been saying for some time). The bus took him up on Sunday and the track was walked from Monday returning back to Dunedin on Thursday afternoon.  He struck perfect weather with the only issue being advice that one of the huts had a bed bug problem so they had to take extra precautions.  
Having to go to Christchurch for a meeting he decided to drive up.  Although he had lived there for several years he managed to get lost. For any future meetings he reckons he will fly. 
Remaining trees 
Yes, its on this Saturday 18 June from 9.30
Take the turn into Gladstone Road at the Z service station by the railway line then head south.125 Gladstone Road entrance is at the white pickets with the Liberton Sign. Left at the first fork and then right at the 125 Chapman sign. Drive past the house and park around the side. Then walk past the white outside table and down to the trees.
Thoughts of the Week from Jeff 
"If things seem under control , you are not going fast enough" Mario Andretti
"If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you" Steven Wright 
"You're only given one spark of madness. You musn't lose it" Robin Williams 
 Changes to Roster
Age Concern has advised that to avoid any confusion, if you are changing,  please advise John Block who will advise them. 
021 02317931 or 
Please remember to swap if you are unable to make the meeting. 
Thought of the Weeker brings the wine for Heads and Tails
Rotary Club of Dunedin Harbour , University Staff Club, Dunedin,    
5.30 for 6.00pm. Tuesday .
Apologies to Markhams Clarke Craw by noon on prior Monday
Phone 477-0032