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20 September 2022
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20 members plus speaker Katlyn Brown   
THIS WEEKS MEETING  Tuesday 14 June 
Chris Rowe on travel in Ethiopia 
Last weeks meeting  
Katlyn Brown who has a Masters in Psychology degree is from the IHC Volunteering Organisation and she spoke on their volunteering programme. This matches up volunteers with people with intellectual disabilities to provide friendship and connection. The relationship is one on one and maybe in person, on the phone or by email.  Katlyn acts as co-ordinator matching clients, managing an induction and orientation programme and acting in a support role for the volunteers.  The length of the relationship is flexible recognising that circumstances can change. 
They also have a separate short term programme which is to provide  skills to give  work options for clients or driving skills.  
Vetting of volunteers is carried out by the Police and individual references. The programme is available to any adult with intellectual disabilities. Currently they have matched 24 clients in Dunedin and have targeted 30.
Mikhail Keniya 
It was noted sadly that Mikhail is resigning as he will be off to New York shortly to fulfil a work commitment.  He told the meeting that he hopes in due course to be back as he regards Dunedin now as his home. He will be missed around the Club, especially at the East Taieri woodlot!  
Club Facebook page 
Janet recommends logging on to the club page at,  and give it a "like"
What's Up 
Stuart says they have been having a busy time at work.  Been in Karitane for a few months working 11-12 hour days and will shortly be moving to Waikouaiti. Will be spending a week in Melbourne next month 
The family are all busy with Liam into two years of master research on the properties of "Kanuka". Aaron is second year into his degree majoring in biology and religious studies(Asian focus).  Emily is year 11 at Queens working on her NCEA exams.  
Weekends are spent at Jacks Bay down in the Catlins. 
Remaining trees 
Yes, its on this Saturday 11 June from 9.30
Take the turn into Gladstone Road at the Z service station by the railway line then head south.125 Gladstone Road entrance is at the white pickets with the Liberton Sign. Left at the first fork and then right at the 125 Chapman sign. Drive past the house and park around the side. Then walk past the white outside table and down to the trees.
Thoughts of the Week from Barry 
"I hate the idea of causes, and if I had to choose between betraying my country or betraying my friend, I hope I would have the guts to betray my country" EM Forster 
 Changes to Roster
Age Concern has advised that to avoid any confusion, if you are changing,  please advise John Block who will advise them. 
021 02317931 or 
Please remember to swap if you are unable to make the meeting. 
Thought of the Weeker brings the wine for Heads and Tails
Rotary Club of Dunedin Harbour , University Staff Club, Dunedin,    
5.30 for 6.00pm. Tuesday .
Apologies to Markhams Clarke Craw by noon on prior Monday
Phone 477-0032