Tuesday 8 February 2022
26 April 2022
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Chapman, Pip
3 May 2022
Club Gear and Attendance
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10 May 2022
Club Gear and Attendance
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Meals On Wheels
If you are changing your date please advise John Block, who will advise Age Concern.
Monday 25 April 
Greg Verhoef
Thursday 28 April
Les Wilson 
Friday 29 April 
Suzanne Arthur 
Monday 2 May 
John Campbell
Thursday 5 May 
Ann Barsby
Friday 6 May  
John Block
Monday 9 May 
Robert Cowan
Thursday 12 May 
Chris Rowe 
Friday 13 May
David Goodchild
Monday 16 May 
Phil Godfrey 
Thursday 19 May 
Barry Johnston
Friday 20 May
Stephen Johnston
Monday 23 May 
Mikhail Keniya
Thursday 26 May 
Russell McDougall
Friday 27 May 
David Low
Monday 30 May 
David Polson
Thursday 2 June
Lloyd Reddington
Friday 3 June 
Keith Rozeckie- Pollard
Monday 6 June 
Chris Rowe 
Thursday 9 June 
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Friday 10 June 
Annette Tiffen
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Member Birthdays
Ann Barsby
April 13
Ashley Stevenson
April 15
Grant McLean
April 19
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Jill Walker
April 6, 2021
1 year
Last week
20 Members present in the Moa Room at Cobb and Co 
This Week-Tuesday 8 February 
We will be going bowling at the Balmacewan Bowling Club.  David Polson says it is just round the corner from 7 Balmac.  Expert tuition will be available from 5.30pm for those who don't know which way is up.  Bowling will start at 6pm, there will be a break while we have a BBQ meal and we should finish around 7.30pm.  Modern bowls will be supplied and the cost for use of facilities and meal will be $20. 
There are 15 carparks down the drive. Leave the high heals at home as only flat soled shoes will be permitted (transgress and you would be Djoked)   
Tuesday 15 February at Cobb and Co. 
Margaret Fitzgerald will talk on the bowel screening programme.  We will be joined by members of St Kilda Sunrise Club. 
Coming meetings
The University want to quarantine their campus while the country is in the Red traffic light phase so until advised we will be meeting at Cobb and Co.  The menu will be as last week but we will look to reduce the courses from three to two.  More advice next week.
Children's Gifts gathered from the Christmas meeting
The Club were thanked for making these available to Anglican Family Care.  At Christmas time they make a difference to those cared for by their group
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 
We have a candidate Caitlin Zonnefeld who is a nurse at the Hospice. 
St Johns 
Pres Phil noted that Annette had been honoured by St Johns for her work.  
Incoming President 
We still need one - time is running out!!
Wasp Eradication project - later in February
Chris has signed up -. Any more interested members should contact Les. 
Cliff Macaulay 
It was noted that former Dunedin East member Cliff had died. 
Firewood Project 
Weather permitting it will be on this Saturday 22 January from about 9.30am Take the turn into Gladstone Road at the Z service station by the railway line then head south.125 Gladstone Road entrance is at the white pickets with the Liberton Sign. Left at the first fork and then right at the 125 Chapman sign. Drive past the house and park around the side. Then walk past the white outside table and down to the trees.
Meals on Wheels Changes to Roster
Age Concern has advised that to avoid any confusion, if you are changing,  please advise John Block 
who will advise them. 021 02317931 or 
Please remember to swap if you are unable to make the meeting. Thought of the Weeker brings the wine for Heads and Tails
Thought of the week from Annette
 The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worthwhile, that costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile.
Rotary Club of Dunedin Harbour , University Staff Club, Dunedin,    
5.30 for 6.00pm. Tuesday .
Apologies to Markhams Clarke Craw by noon on prior Monday
Phone 477-0032